Betfred Posts Almost £2b in Online Betting Revenue Over 18-Month Period

Betfred Posts Almost £2b in Online Betting Revenue Over 18-Month Period
Betfred Posts Almost £2b in Online Betting Revenue Over 18-Month PeriodBetFred enjoys strong results for 18-month period ending on September 2014. United Kingdom gaming company Betfred have announced a staggering revenue of £1.9 billion during the period of 18 months that ended on 28th September 2014. Since its last public announcement of figures, the UK operator went on to change the date of its fiscal year, meaning the 18-month period has been compared to the previous 12-month interval. But, seeing as Betfred’s online turnover had been £1.1 billion for the previous fiscal year, the latest figure corresponds to a 15% increase on pro-rata basis. Total Turnover is £13.3 Billion The famous sports betting operator houses just short of 1,400 retail betting shops, and counting both the offline and online channels, the company revealed the total turnover was £13.3 billion, as opposed to the £8 billion turnover in the previous 12-month interval. This is enough to suggest that the company has enjoyed some strong results over the last year and a half, moving up in what is a very competitive online betting market. Considering that BetFred is a privately owned firm, they are not required to share all the business information with the public, but the data they did disclose clearly suggest the company is moving in the right direction. The revenue climbed from £362m to £593m, whereas earnings increased from £69.2m to £101.9m. The result becomes even more impressive when we take into account that Betfred lost some £3 million on the Australian mobile betting project that closed shortly after it launched in 2014. The company, controlled by brothers Fred and Peter Done, also saw significant improvements in their Tote business, that hadn’t performed up to expectations during the previous fiscal year. Betfred Makes £18.6 Million in Levy Payments As required by law, Betfred made £18.6 million in Levy payments during said 18-month period, while making another £19.1 in direct contributions to racing in the UK. The company paid £158.7m in taxes over the year and a half interval, whereas its net debt decreased from £213m to £145m. Betfred CEO John Haddock had plenty of reason to celebrate, with the betting firm recording some very good results in spite of “increased taxation, regulation and a very competitive market place.” The Warrington-based bookmaker faces fresh challenges to keep its position as one of the leading UK gaming operators, but aforementioned results will certainly provide an important impetus for the years to come.

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Baccarat the easiest game in the casino


Together in answering the question; “What is the easiest game to play in the casino?”, I’m quick to give a long answer. Simple answers not. Although Baccarat is the easiest game to play, it is not the easiest to learn (it may be – I’ll explain later in this article), and it may not be the easiest game to beat (dice game).

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Free online gaming – Learn & Win Real Money


Free online gaming – Essential Option for Beginners

It is very important for beginners, a small exposure (free online gambling options) before finally taking part in a gambling tournament online. There are several dangers to available to try your luck in a real gambling site online. But a free online gambling opportunity relieves you of the possible disaster.

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The Best Online Casino


The best online casinos today offer the player a trusting and entertaining platform to test their skills and luck in games and some money.

An online casino is usually the Internet version of the traditional brick and mortar casino and makes it easier to play on casino games through the Internet. Most online casinos offer odds and percentages for the players that are comparable to land-based casinos. They also offer free real money and play opportunities so that both experienced players and new players can enjoy the experience.

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The History & Rules of Sic Bo

History and Rules of Sic Bo.

The game dates back to ancient China, where it is rumored that the Chinese workers played with numbered tiles that were thrown in a covered bucket or bowl, and placed bets on the outcome. If this is true, there are thinking, how many numbered stones could be buried in the interior spaces of the Great Wall of China? Sic Bo is played with three dice, though, if it translated into English, Sic Bo simply means “two dice. Match bares many similarities to the medieval English game of Hazard and the much more recent game, dice game, but because of the addition of the third cubes are much more win (and lose) combinations available to the player. According to the adjustment of quotas, much larger, the. Evens, (1-1) is as high as 180-1. Sic Bo in many casinos on the Philippines, where it is played as Hi Lo, the other name for the game known Sai Tai. (Lucky Dice) In Macau the game is better than Dai Siu, (large and small) are known which of the two most popular picks made by the players concerned at the table.

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Visit a great online gambling portal to the best online

Visit a great online gambling portal to the best online casinos search

For those who live in the UK and much of Europe, you will find a great online gambling site can be a challenge. The fact is there are thousands of online sites in the business world today, some of which are reliable and fair, and others who are not so honorable. One way to find out where the best sites are the online gambling directory, use the DirGambling.
These online gambling directory offers website visitors detailed information on a variety of web casinos. For those who prefer a particular game, the site is organized into sections, making it very easy for website visitors to find exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily search. Some of the games are the highlights of the gambling directory baccarat, blackjack, craps, bingo, roulette and poker.
The site also offers DirGambling his gambling directory visitors access to free articles, is that interesting and helpful tips on various topics related to online gambling. Many of the products are focused on tips and techniques to improve the skills and ability of the reader. This free article are some of the popular websites that can be viewed by visitors to the site. And again access to this informative and helpful article is free.
This gambling directory is unique in many ways, and one of those is that they do it. Information on the casino websites the participation of different countries, written in different languages in their native language, the page is a great destination for those who want to play in non-English online casinos.
Another unique feature of this gambling directory website is that it is the visitors to a website. This is a great way for visitors, with others of the major online casinos, they share know. This function is simple and easy and offers other a fantastic way to other sites that they do not find, can get to know about anything else.
As mentioned above, can help to improve the information contained in this gambling directory to their skill level player in almost every type of gambling. The tips and techniques offered in this informative article may be used by any player at any skill level. By using this wealth of knowledge, players can then use their new skills and see if pay their newly acquired skills in an online casino.
Access to gambling directory is free. There is no charge for visitors whatsoever to enjoy the content, or to learn from the objects that are currently available. Navigating the site is simple, too. The gambling directory website is designed, visitors need only click a few times to get to the section that they are looking for. The website is not affiliated with tons of flashing advertising shop, so many other gambling directory sites to their visitors.
To learn more about this website gambling directory, simply visit the site. As mentioned above, access is free and easy how to navigate it, when you get on the website. Give them a try today.

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