Online casinos financial reporting Vs land casinos


In this article I will analyze these two industries, trends, regulations, profits and overall status.

It is clear that there is a struggle, the country on the basis between casinos online casinos. For example, I have one of the largest and most powerful land based casinos – MGM ($ 7.7 B) and one of the most successful online casino company 888 Holdings ($ 1 B).

These companies are good examples because they Executives and reflect the industry very well.

The war started a long time ago, but I think it escalated in 2006 with the coalition of anti-gambling conservatives along with Las Vegas and law enforcement interests that forced the government to ban online gambling.

Analysts estimated at this time that the amazing success of online casinos was over. Traded online casinos went and everyone thought they were done, but it turned out to be the biggest mistake ever. Since then, land based casinos to lose their power to online casinos.

Countries around the world have realized that it is better, but to ban online casinos to regulate them, because people is to always play opportunities and play the casino to find and ban loses millions in taxes.

Take for example MGM

MGM together with Dubai World Fund are short of funding in their $ 3500000000 (pending) project “City Center” in (which is a state investment fund. His assets under management are more than 100 billion and the turnover was 10.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2006) Las Vegas to give to year due to the reluctance of banks to such a large loan for the project. German Deutchebank and Credit Suisses are among the banks.

The increase in funding for e to be completed $ 3.5.billion projects

by the end of June 2008. The cost of the project amounts to 100 million U.S. dollars a month.

“Currently, no company in America is able to borrow such sums from the banks,” said James Maren, president of MGM Mirage in an interview with Bloomberg TV.

Look at the charts of the trade MGM. Earnings per share rose by almost 50 for the last year due to a decrease of the players and a decline in earnings.

There are several reasons:

First, the economy, gas prices continue to rise in a poor state, inflation is rising and the U.S. debt is more than billions of dollars and rising 9400000000000 $ 1 per month. The stock market is also not good.

Second, it has very expensive to travel for Americans to travel to Las Vegas. If you have more than $ 4 a gallon, do not drive a car and you do not fly just because you do not want to save the money, then spend it on traveling.

Third, online casinos are on the rise and take a lot of players from them. With fast internet connections, smart and sophisticated online casinos and large number of casinos guide, you have everything you need to optimize your usage.

888 HOLDINGS is one of the most successful online casino operators on the internet. It is on the London Stock Exchange; Market value of approximately $ 1 billiards.