Online Poker, The Leading Edge

As a gaming software developer, Cyber Arts is often asked about the future direction of online poker. Here are some of the most interesting developments that we see on the horizon.

Online gaming software the next generation of gaming software grows must be reliable and stable. The market and the high cost of acquiring players no less demanding. Technology is available, offers the same kind of robustness and scalability in numerous fail-safe platforms found as mission-critical financial systems and air traffic control systems. The development of such platforms requires a careful, rigorous design, implementation and testing, and takes years to complete, but what satisfied for gaming companies with less?

Early online gaming software, PC-based, single-user games to download or on CD. Developer extends these games to support more players online. The popularity of online poker caught those developers by surprise. The underlying architecture is not to support thousands of concurrent users, who often play major tournaments. Compounding these challenges were poor internet connections including modem.

As an online poker took pulled more players than the designers had anticipated leading websites. The early systems failed and crashed spectacularly – sometimes degradation gaming sites for hours every day, interrupting tournaments and player alienate. Gaming software developer responded by redesigning the architecture with lots of patches and fixes, forcing time-consuming client downloads.

Many do not know that poker software is not as stable as the needs of the industry and by far not the stability of the online stock trading applications. Just last year, two of the five sites suffered harmful multi-day outages. Most networks crash or experience unacceptable delay every few days. MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) is a measure of how often you expect your online poker room to crash. Recruiters written document their historical MTBF.

Poker and Social Networking Gaming has always been about entertainment. Social networks like MySpace and Facebook have attracted tens of millions of users, and their growth continues. The popularity is “to play together.” To the simple fact that people come together to share common interests and on the basis

Poker software developers have begun to build social networking concepts into their platforms – allowing players to congregate, such as in a private room. This functionality can be canceled if it is the implementation of a development. From Facebook “opening” have so Spurred on their platform embedded applications poker operator versions of their games that really “inside” Facebook pages can be created played. Cyber Arts recently created such an application for its licensees Pure Play, the highly successful online poker tournament works in a U.S. law subscription model.

The Pure Play Facebook client is available for download Facebook page by a user is available, and the user can invite friends to play with. A Flash-based version of the client is to allow playback in a Facebook page.

A page can an individual Facebook profile, or a special page for a group or organization that need to be created. This ability gives the informal groups and teams. The possibilities are limitless, and such groups can come quickly and with little or no investment in software development together – Players can tournaments around schools, football clubs, brands, organizing hobbies.

Big Media Advergaming and Gaming increasingly branding and transmitting a marketing message to a mass audience of players. We have, ie television, news and other printing companies of “Big Media” recently seen a growing interest in online poker. You suspect that free online poker is a great way for players to lure their websites, gluing brand loyalty and providing “eyeballs” for advertising. These companies need flexible interfaces where the cards, chips, and especially the table felt can reflect a link to an advertisers’ look and messages. Cyber Arts “flexible interface can displays are integrated into the game. – On the game table chips and cards are high-definition interfaces is possible to freely marketer of a me-too look and feel.

An example is shown above – a free online poker game of cyberarts offered Licensee the result, which is Canada’s leading sports television and radio network. Built in the score poker is structured demanding “advergaming Server” software from Toronto Advertising Gaming Network. AGN software displays ads intelligent. He pulls data on the players in the membership database of the score – say, the player and sports interests geographical location – and combines them with player history data. It then displays ads tailored to each player. A player could Vancouver local ads during a football fan, who won a major tournament could see a congratulatory banner of his favorite team and Molson Ale. Players see ads at the appropriate time during a game, folded, for example after a hand or during a break. No player will click on an ad if they whether a large increase of the question. Why bother ads in times like also set the show?

Beyond Games Poker After all, the future of online poker is certainly other games that can be sold on the same cross audience. By building a profitable base of players who enjoy the game, it makes sense, they offer related products such as other games. Of course, a uniform appearance to go with single sign-on and common purse, the only way. A built in universal gaming platform, enterprise-class standards of reliability should be part of the strategic plan for each successful operator.