Poker Bots – Are they a real threat to online

Poker Bots – Are they a real threat to online poker?

The concern is in online chat rooms and newsgroups dedicated to poker card game that sophisticated robot to grow – as known as “bots” in the nomenclature of the Web – is used on commercial gambling sites. The premise underlying online poker is that all players are human. But with the growing availability of free poker “bot” downloads, it is difficult to tell whether a player is actually or potentially offered unbeatable.
Poker playing computer programs help human players their skills, but now that researchers have programs claiming they can each human player, online poker sites that strike made under threat?
Well, because there is no real way to tell a program by one person. Some players might programs or poker bots than humans.
Ian Fellows of the University of California in San Diego (which make the poker bots) concludes: “It was not until mid-2000, an algorithm was [as] designed to [bot] even close to a competent player But now could. online computer poker game can be a thing of the past, “Fellows said.
Fell Omen on an artificial intelligence algorithm called base “fictitious”. The algorithm allows bots imperfect information. Unlike chess, for example, players do not take know what cards the other players. (In chess, all information is known to both players.) Normal game-tree-search, such as the use of chess bots will not be used for poker. Fell Omen “is all on decision trees that you make during the game at any point on the basis of what is the probability you should raise, call, or say to get out, then it generates a random number and goes with this action,” said Fellows . This strategy prevents that the accident, the other bots that combines strategy consulting.
Skeptics argue that the complexity of the game and the changing strategies, which is the creation of a program that “read” with screen scanning techniques can opponents cards and respond in real time to ensure years away at best. They point to the handful of commercial products based on online players in decisive advantage that characterizes mockingly insufficient as evidence today bots are not a problem for humans.
“It’s pretty much a certainty that bots are playing online,” Gautam Rao said a 43-year-old Canadian poker pro who regularly plays three high-stakes Internet games simultaneously. “… What we do not know how strong they are.”
The widespread use of bots in a position against an average player would be a significant problem for the online poker industry that has grown exponentially in recent years, and is expected to represent this year the beginning of the $ 1000000000 revenue mark. Without some way of verifying the identity – and humanity – the player, the business can be significantly undercut.