Playtech Announces Virtual Sports Features

Playtech Announces Virtual Sports Features
Playtech Announces Virtual Sports Features Playtech’s Virtual Football Game due for release towards the end of 2015 In recent years we’ve seen some big name brands like William Hill known for sports betting venturing into the online casino marketplace. Online casinos entering the sports betting arena on the other hand has not been so common, and if you’ve ever wished your favourite online casino could offer a wider range of betting options, software giant Playtech may have just the answer for you in the not too distant future. In a recent announcement the software giant unveiled a series of unique, innovative industry first features within an expanded Virtual Sports Portfolio. This exciting new portfolio which will be available towards the end of 2015 will include a range of fully simulated sports games which allow for realistic betting and gameplay. Licensees of this new multi-channel package will be able to select from football, basketball and trotting, greyhound and/or horse racing, velodrome and speedway as well as tennis, each with its own league and tournament fixtures all with full sports animations and in-play betting functionality. This platform will be available across media including retail, mobile and satellite and will be compatible with most devices. Those in the know maintain that the games will be of the same high quality as Playtech’s casino games offering in terms of the graphics, with these having been shot on location using feature film motion capture technology and real life professional sportsmen and women. The games will offer realistic odds and a host of betting options as well as multi-language functionality with local language commentary being featured within each game, making these games the ultimate experience in virtual sports. Head of Playtech’s Virtual Sports division (yes they have a division for this already), Elliot Norris has been quoted saying that the virtual sports portfolio that the company is able to offer is the best the industry has ever seen. Playtech has also received a number of positive reports from licensees and test audiences in regulated markets – so we’re on the edge of our seats in anticipation of the new launch! Watch this space for release details and reviews.

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Baccarat the easiest game in the casino


Together in answering the question; “What is the easiest game to play in the casino?”, I’m quick to give a long answer. Simple answers not. Although Baccarat is the easiest game to play, it is not the easiest to learn (it may be – I’ll explain later in this article), and it may not be the easiest game to beat (dice game).

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To win roulette roulette number

You may be wondering, what is a magic number? If you have heard of the sixth sense, then this is where to come from these figures. It could be a personal unique number of each. Between the numbers 1 to 36, there may be a certain number, which should be to your personal favorites. This number could be your personal magic number for the roulette. You can also have two or more favorites so that you can apply from these figures in the game. That’s a great idea for beginners and players who rarely play once in a blue moon, a flyer.
There are so many people picking the numbers by thinking about the important occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, children’s birthdays and other special occasions. Many also have the innovative ideas of picking the number of bank numbers, flight numbers, phone numbers and other prior similar event numbers (first date with your wife and so on). There are extreme cases in which players dreamed of the numbers listed below and with the true intention of using the same in a roulette table. There are many people who consult their astrologers before deciding the number. Only after consultation with astrology, they are considered at the numbers to bet to decide. Even Chinese astrology or other types of astrology, it purely depends on your personal interests.
For example, is your personal favorite number 13 and 22, as they come in threes, you have the same rule three and play with the same number three times in extra time. If you are lucky, then one more time for each win you play. The basic intellect behind this bet is, it can always be played in the casino. You can always play again before he hits the jackpot and ten at intervals or in your random pieces be repeated later. There is no real or logic function is necessary at all. It is purely on intuition, but it can also give you high payout ratio.
If the number of clicks for you, it just shows that it is actually to have no limits to your lucky day and your lucky. It also increases your sense of humor and make you a more confident person. If you lose, then there’s no reason to feel bad about it. You have to be athletic and with such a small bankroll in the bet should not make or break the entire game experience.
You can use this idea on the table of roulette bet and also your amount which is around 36/13 to 24/1 and 12 25 covers. The payout ratio is double, if you win the game. You need to decide the number of times that you want to bet on this game. My personal suggestion would be weird and do not know how many times to play.
After the addition, they are always a serious roulette player; They are a lot of sites, the various strategies, the game sets win to find. Basically, there is no such full proof strategy for guaranteed success.
The Amazing Roulette Dozens System
If you are a regular player of roulette, then you have probably for tricks, you increase the chances to look on the roulette wheel. Roulette systems are of many kinds and also there are bundles of roulette software that you win, the odds in your favor will help in a roulette game. Let us take a closer look at the dozens system in a roulette game.
The basic idea behind this system is bet is to start by picking up and for two dozen. Of the roulette table is divided into three sections. The first group has numbers 1 to 12, the second in points 13 to 24 and the last one has acquired the remaining 25 to 36 numbers. So those are the three dozens. So if you play in the dozens roulette system, you can can have on the group of 12 bets. Of the three rows, you need to place your bet on a specific number. Coincidentally, you can not select 12 numbers and place you bet. It is actually not allowed.
Whenever you feel like that dozens of the roulette game to play is the first thing you need to do is, put the chips on the right box. It is with boxes on the 1-12,13-24 and 25-36 marks table. The best thing about the dozen roulette system, it gives you the freedom to put on a large group of numbers at once. For each roulette game you have to find and move gradually the dozens system can sometimes be confusing.
New Roulette Strategy
Provides free roulette strategy, comments, online forum and support free roulette live!
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Find unbiased reviews of online roulette system – more software support for Live!

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The Best Online Casino


The best online casinos today offer the player a trusting and entertaining platform to test their skills and luck in games and some money.

An online casino is usually the Internet version of the traditional brick and mortar casino and makes it easier to play on casino games through the Internet. Most online casinos offer odds and percentages for the players that are comparable to land-based casinos. They also offer free real money and play opportunities so that both experienced players and new players can enjoy the experience.

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The History & Rules of Sic Bo

History and Rules of Sic Bo.

The game dates back to ancient China, where it is rumored that the Chinese workers played with numbered tiles that were thrown in a covered bucket or bowl, and placed bets on the outcome. If this is true, there are thinking, how many numbered stones could be buried in the interior spaces of the Great Wall of China? Sic Bo is played with three dice, though, if it translated into English, Sic Bo simply means “two dice. Match bares many similarities to the medieval English game of Hazard and the much more recent game, dice game, but because of the addition of the third cubes are much more win (and lose) combinations available to the player. According to the adjustment of quotas, much larger, the. Evens, (1-1) is as high as 180-1. Sic Bo in many casinos on the Philippines, where it is played as Hi Lo, the other name for the game known Sai Tai. (Lucky Dice) In Macau the game is better than Dai Siu, (large and small) are known which of the two most popular picks made by the players concerned at the table.

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Top Black Casino Jack Online Tips

Are you bored to stay at home than sitting without doing anything? Well, here’s the chance to entertain you and is best, what to do to make money and win deals. Are you really familiar with it? It is through the online blackjack casino. You could be having great interest with these online casino games, but you could not achieve what you want if you do not know how to play with him.
Actually, play blackjack online is one of the most popular and interesting casino games, online card. The game needs your skills and knowledge about the game, for you to win and as much as possible to learn everything about the game. In order not to lose, you need to carefully understand the rules and strategies. You should know when they make a stroke, the time that you need to stand out, if you., Consider the insurance and the time you make your move you need that all of the decision is the reference of your to be doubled profits need. Here are some rules that you need to know so that you succeed by playing online casino blackjack:
You need to consider your goals. As much as possible, your goal is to beat the dealer. The dealer and you as the player will start the game with two cards. The dealer has to show a certain game down, and that’s something else. If you are ready to make some cards that are making even all you have to do is to say “hit”. You can meet continuously until you get satisfied with your cards.
Immediately after the first part of the game, you will be able, as a couple or split double room or take given for insurance. Then, after the decision, and you have to play the turn, the dealer of the casino has the chance to play. Until the dealer beats you, they might hit on. At the end you could win the game if you even better hand closer to 21 than what the dealer. You can now decide whether you want to do after the first two cards a double. However, in this way you will not be allowed to obtain additional card. Then the dealer has the chance cards until you beat, and will definitely take all possible moves, just to win.
If the casino dealer showed an ace at the beginning, you might consider taking up insurance. It is because if the other card the dealer has blackjack, you will absolutely lose the game. However, they can retrieve money from his insurance. Whenever the dealer does not have blackjack, you can win the game on a good hand, but you would be the amount you could see losing bet for insurance. You will need all the tips on how to see in the game you get great odds of winning blackjack online casino. So make the best of it.
For more information about online casino blackjack, go to my website for online casino.

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